Artisan Stories

Brass fish figurine with latticework

Timeless Tribal Treasures

A collection of handcrafted decorative Dhokra figurines ranging from musicians to birds, animals and fish, our Timeless Tribal Treasures collection is a peek into the raw Indian Tribal life. A legacy of metal craft from West Bengal, Odisha and Chhattisgarh in India, Dhokra is a 4000-year-old art of making stunning brass figurines using the ancient method known as lost wax casting. An astonishing craft, no arts and crafts fair in India is complete without it. We offer our collection of gleaming golden trinkets that add just the right amount of old-world charm to your home. A definite conversation starter!

Mughal Marvels

Our Mughal Marvels collection offers intricate craftsmanship etched to perfection and showcases an artform that traces back 3000 years. The collection is inspired by the intricacies and beauty of the royal Mughal era. The Mughal artform is practiced in the city of Agra using soapstone which is surprisingly easy to carve due to its high amount of talc. The technique adorns the walls and insides of the architectural marvel of the Taj Mahal and has gone on to be practiced on small objects, Jewelry boxes, candle holders and figurines. Our Mughal Marvel Collection has lovely pieces for Those Who admire the beauty of the Taj Mahal and Mughal art and want to own a timeless piece, passionately passed on from centuries ago, carved with utmost patience and precision

Soapstone elephant figurine with a baby elephant carved inside

Stories of Women - Tikuli Tales

Inspired by the colorful dots or bindis that decorate the temple of most women in India, our Stories of Women - Tikuli Tales collection has a vibrant assortment of colors, hand painted figurines, patterns, motifs and tiny tikulis or dots that adorn these tasteful pieces. Tikuli is usually painted on hardboard using enamel and bright, bold colors on a dark background which creates a stunning contrast and enhances the painted narrative. This art originated in Patna over 800 years ago and is also called '' Tikuli Kala ''. A moment captured in time, our Stories of Women - Tikuli Tales  collection are stories of women as they celebrate life, love and friendship.

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