Mystical Tribal Wall Art

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Saura and Gond tribes, our Mystical Tribal Wall Art collection are an exclusive range of paintings.

 The Sauras are among the eldest tribes in India their art draws upon tribal folklore and have ritualistic importance. Often called italons or ikons, these paintings were originally painted on the walls of the Saura's adobe huts. These murals make extensive use of symbolism that mirror the daily life of the tribe – People, horses, elephants, the sun and moon, and the tree of life are all recurring motifs. The backdrop of these pieces is made from red or yellow ochre earth which is painted with brushes fashioned from tender bamboo shoots using natural dyes derived from for instance ground white stone, tamarind seeds as well as flower and leaf extracts.

 Hailing from the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, the Gonds are one of the largest tribal communities in the world. Gond art is rooted in folk tales, myths, and magic. Our collection of Gond paintings is vibrant, colorful and inspired by nature, showcasing a series of carefully hand drawn lines, dots and dashes forming beautiful patterns.  

Buy our Mystical Tribal Wall Art to add magic and add mystery to your walls.

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